Commercial Business Package Policies

Are you a small-business owner who operates one or multiple stores, shops, restaurants or similar establishments in Perry County or the surrounding areas? An affordable business package policy from Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. will provide the comprehensive insurance protection you need to safeguard your assets in the wake of an unexpected loss. You’ll get the peace of mind of knowing you’re prepared for a worst-case scenario that could have serious financial implications for you and your business.

Choosing Between a Business Package Policy and a Business Owner's Policy

If you're in the market for small business insurance in Pennsylvania, you've probably come across business package policies (BPP) and business owner's policies (BOP). While both provide comprehensive insurance coverage, they do so in different ways. Both types combine property and liability protection, but the BPP is typically the better choice for multi-faceted small-to-medium-size companies with more involved coverage requirements. The flexibility offered by the BPP can make it easier to tailor the plan to address the unique risks that a company may face.

In some cases, these companies may also be ineligible for a BOP because of the nature of the risks they experience on a daily basis. Therefore, a BPP may be the only insurance solution if they want the most extensive property and liability coverage available. On the other hand, a BOP is usually more cost-effective for business owners with relatively straightforward insurance needs.

What Does a Business Package Policy Cover?

A business package policy can protect your buildings and their contents, as well as your equipment and other physical assets from perils such as fire, theft and vandalism. It also includes general liability coverage that compensates injured parties who may successfully sue you and your business for negligent acts. The policy offers identity-theft protection, coverage of business-income loss and more. Other assets covered by a business package include:

  • Building and business personal property:This option encompasses your facility as well as assets like equipment and machinery. It protects against covered perils such as fire, theft and similar conditions. It can also provide compensation for lost income if the peril temporarily prevents you from operating your business.
  • Electronic data/computer equipment:Even small companies rely on a few computers or an entire network to operate efficiently. A BPP will cover your computers and other electronic data equipment such as printers, copiers and fax machines.
  • Data breaches: Hacking and other cyber threats impact companies of all sizes these days. A BPP can mitigate your company's risk and help to preserve its brand and reputation in the wake of a breach.
  • Business liability: If your business's negligence causes property damage or a significant injury or death, liability coverage will pay for any subsequent financial judgments and settlements as well as your legal expenses.

Save by Bundling Our Small Business Insurance Packages With Commercial Auto Coverage

If you own vehicles that are titled to your business (delivery vans, dump trucks, company cars for salespeople, etc.), you also need a commercial auto policy. These policies typically mirror the coverages found in personal auto insurance (property damage, bodily injury, comprehensive, collision, medical and uninsured/underinsured motorist protection). You can bundle your package policy with a commercial auto plan and receive a discount on your premium for both policies. This option is usually less expensive than purchasing a stand-alone commercial vehicle policy.

Other Insurance Options for Business Owners

A BPP from Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. can also include additional coverages based on your company's risk areas. For example, a commercial umbrella policy provides extra liability protection for companies that own high-value assets. Inland marine coverage protects business property that you move from one location to another. We also offer workers' compensation insurance that helps you pay for the medical expenses and lost wages incurred by workers who experience a job-related illness or injury.

We’ll Tailor Your Insurance Plan to Your Business Needs

At Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc., we recognize that no two businesses are exactly alike. Rather than taking a “one-size-fits-all” business insurance approach that may not address your unique requirements, we’ll create a customized plan specifically for your company. You’ll know that your most prominent risks are fully covered and that you’re not paying for protection that doesn’t apply to your business. We can provide tailored small business insurance packages for companies in just about any industry, including retail, manufacturing, hospitality and many others.

We Deliver Top-Notch Service Every Step of the Way

Working with a small, local, family-owned insurance agency ensures you will receive the personalized attention you deserve. New Bloomfield, PA-based Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. has been serving the insurance needs of business owners in Perry County and the surrounding areas since 1955 — we've earned the trust of the local business community.

Our licensed agents will assist you in selecting the best policy for your needs. We’ll also be there long after the sale to update your coverage as your business evolves and grows, and to provide services such as answering billing questions and initiating the claims process.

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If you own a business in Perry, Dauphin or Cumberland County or elsewhere in the Central PA region, Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. can provide a comprehensive, cost-effective business package policy that will protect your assets and safeguard your financial future.

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