Homeowners Insurance Policies for Central Pennsylvania Homebuyers & Owners

No matter the place you call home, Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. will collaborate with you to define the protection you need. Like most things in life, your situation will be different from others, so we customize your plan whether you live in a house, townhome, condo or apartment.

Because your home is one of the most expensive and vital properties you may own, it is critical to choose the right plan from a variety of homeowners insurance policies. Focused on providing plans tailored to your budget and needs, our partners will have the necessary coverage to keep you and your home protected.

We Have the Expertise to Help You Make the Right Homeowners Insurance Coverage Decisions

At Reisinger Insurance Agency Inc., we’ve helped homeowners throughout Perry County and beyond get the comprehensive, affordable insurance they need to protect their home against fire, theft, wind, water damage and other perils. We’re a local, family-owned-and-operated agency that has been providing excellent insurance coverage at great rates backed by the best service in the area since 1955.

Purchasing the best homeowners coverage requires making the right choice in several important areas. For example, should you choose actual cash value (ACV) or replacement cost for your contents coverage? Is $100,000 of liability coverage enough, or should you carry $300,000 or even $500,000?

The size and location of your home and whether you are an owner or renter do not affect the fact that our home insurance agents will find a policy to protect your place and everything in it. Your insurance is often the first line of defense in particular situations, and it will pay to replace personal property too.

The cost of your particular coverage will be determined by many factors, such as the quality of your insurer and whether the policy is on an all-risks or name perils basis. All-risks indicate that when something is not on the list, the coverage protects everything, meaning it is broader. Named perils cover only the losses cited in a contract.

Our licensed agents can review your situation and make an informed recommendation you can trust. We’ll also be there after the sale to assist you with everything from billing and making policy changes to filing and managing claims.

Optional Insurance Coverages

Homeowners policies do not always cover everything that a property owner may need to protect. Typical coverage includes damage from fires, hail, lightning strikes and windstorms, but not all natural disasters are in plans — floods, for instance, are not.

All policies have a separate “exclusions” section that lists specific perils or events that are not covered under the base policy. Examples include flood, water backup and sump pump overflow, home-based business activities and certain valuable items such as jewelry, watches, guns, coins and art pieces.

In the case that you need more insurance for your home, you may be able to buy additional coverage for more protection. However, you can purchase separate insurance policies and even extend your insurance coverage to more valuable items like jewelry and watches. Earthquake coverage isn’t included in a standard policy but can be endorsed to provide the coverage.

If someone injures themselves at your home, your liability plan may help pay for legal expenses or the person’s medical bills.

We Also Offer Affordable Renters Insurance Policies Near Harrisburg, PA

Are you renting a home or apartment in Perry County or the surrounding areas? While you don’t need insurance to protect the structure (that is the responsibility of the home’s owner), you need to protect your personal property against theft or damage. We can provide an affordable renter’s insurance policy that will help you replace your destroyed or stolen items and give you peace of mind. When you see how little of an expense it is to ensure your items are protected, you'll be glad that you called us.


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