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Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. is family owned and operated since 1955. It is our mission to provide insurance for your property, vehicle, and business. And, to make it as easy and friendly as possible.

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Our Personalized Amenities

Serving clients in Pennsylvania for 62 years, Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. is built on experience. The experience that has proven we care about you on an individual level as we restore your peace-of-mind. Our experts take pride in providing you unique and personalized policies to meet your needs, no matter if you require auto or life insurance. We understand that not everyone will have the same cookie-cutter situation, so we have a custom plan tailored to you.

Not only do we ensure strong relationships with our customers, but we also safeguard positive working connections with our insurance partners such as Erie, Progressive, Millville Mutual, Juniata Mutual and.

By providing you total insurance solutions, Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. agents will determine the best mix of price and policy for any of the following coverages:

While our primary focus is on auto insurance, we also help you recover from unexpected events. Instead of providing our clients with general plans, we collaborate with you to decide on the best package and value to meet your protection needs. Our goal is to forge a substantial and long-term relationship with you so that we can adapt to your ever-changing needs as well as different trends and policies within the industry that influence your security.

Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. establishes a mutual trust and gives you honest recommendations. Our skilled insurance professionals are down-to-earth and personable. And because we have been in business for so long and are family-owned, you can trust that we provide the attention only a small insurance company can provide.

Although we partner with different insurance companies, our creative experts work with you to determine the appropriate company and policy that fits your coverage necessities and budget. We save you time, and upgrade plans are available when you see fit. At Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc., we will bring you premium insurance plans for your family and business by discovering what makes your situation exclusive.

How We Can Support You In Pennsylvania

Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. is your local life insurance agency in Pennsylvania, covering residents in areas such as Perry, Cumberland and Dauphin County. When you are seeking exceptional coverage for less money with a small-business feel, we are your go-to auto insurance agency in the tri-county area. Even if you request an Erie home or auto insurance company in Perry, we are just one phone call or consultation away.

Our office in New Bloomfield, PA is available when you need a life or home insurance agency in Cumberland or Perry County, too.

The agency’s owner, Dean, does the inspections himself for a more custom approach. We provide the best rates, coverage and service, no matter your location or specific needs. Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. not only helps you protect your assets and gives you financial stability but also provides you with peace of mind.

What's The Next Step?

Refer to Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. to receive a free quote. You can also contact us online for more information. As a family-owned, small insurance company based in Perry County, our extensive years of experience will deliver policies beyond your expectations.


Family Owned In Perry County Since 1955


Our Insurance agency brings to our customers quality markets, competitive pricing, and strict underwriting practices.

Our staff is most familiar with our company practices and have long-term relationships with both our customers and the companies we represent.

Insurance Coverage & Customer Service - Going Above and Beyond

Since 1955, Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. has made it our mission to provide insurance for your property, vehicle, and business. Mainly offering Erie and Progressive Insurance, we have many resources to get you the coverage you need, for the price you want. 

We want to work with you!