Classic Car Insurance

A classic car is one that you drive purely for pleasure. Yes, you know what we are referring to — windows down, cruising along the back roads or the highway with no care in the world.

As opposed to using them as daily vehicles and reasonable forms of transportation, you know that classic cars are more or less the types of automobiles you drive for fun. Owners uphold a specific level of maintenance and appreciated value for a classic car, unlike a regular car. In fact, you may spend hours buffing up the paint or making sure it’s in immaculate condition. But how do you know if your vehicle is a “classic”?

What Cars Does Classic Auto Insurance Cover?

A collector car can range from a 1975 Volkswagen Beetle to a 1967 Ford Mustang. Categories of classic cars include:

  • Antiques
  • Classic trucks
  • Collectors
  • Exotic cars
  • Hot rods
  • Luxury cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Muscle cars
  • Specialty vehicles
  • Street rods
  • Vintage cars

With various types of cars fitting in the classic class, it is vital to make sure yours fits the description.

Details and Benefits of Classic Car Insurance

When you refer to Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. as your classic car insurance agency, we offer a unique policy built for your beloved baby. Classic car policies include specialized coverage and often cost less than a standard auto policy — up to 40 percent less.

Essentially, these plans are for fun and older cars like vintage, luxury and collector vehicles kept in good working condition. Take a look at the following advantages of classic auto insurance from Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc.

  • Higher value for your classic car: A classic policy has an “agreed coverage” instead of actual cash value or stated value plans that come with regular vehicles. You declare the amount of your classic car, and we affirm its accuracy, then guarantee to pay the value in the event of total loss.
  • Lower premiums: If your car is one of your most prized possessions, you drive with 100 percent caution and extreme care. We adjust your premiums accordingly, making them about 40 percent lower than the average driver's insurance.
  • Fixed mileage: A fixed mileage plan is ideal for those who do not drive their cars often or who trailer cars to shows far away and are aiming to preserve the car as much as possible.

Having regular car insurance instead of classic car insurance can depreciate the value of your hot rod, antique or muscle car during a claim, resulting in a smaller payout. Therefore, classic car insurance has significant benefits over regular plans when you have the right vehicle.

Qualification depends on usage, storage and your driving record, and your car must be in good working condition. Otherwise, we cannot cover a vehicle under restoration or handle it if it does not run.

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We know you love your street rod, motorcycle, vintage car and antique, so make sure you refer to the experts at Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. to formulate the ideal classic car insurance policy that fits your needs. Contact us online with further questions or get started on receiving a free quote.


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