Boat Insurance

When you’re on the water in Dauphin, PA, or any surrounding areas, having the right insurance for boats on your property gives you peace of mind and allows you to really enjoy the water. If you do find yourself having to make a claim, you'll appreciate knowing you have the right boat insurance coverage to best protect you.


Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. offers a range of boat insurance options for boat enthusiasts. We're based in New Bloomfield, which makes us perfectly posed to serve nearby communities, including Harrisburg, Linglestown, Dauphin, Lebanon, Cumberland County and Perry County. Whether you live right on the water or need to drive for a while to enjoy boating, Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you find a residential boat insurance policy for your boat or boat collection. We even offer commercial insurance coverage for boats.

Boats Covered

Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you cover a range of boats, including:

  • Small boat insurance: Small boats can be the center of many fun summertime activities, and having to deal with theft or boat damage can put a damper on your plans. Small boat coverage can protect you against liability claims, loss of use, vermin, physical damage and more.
  • Bass boat insurance: Bass boat insurance may need to protect you from fire, theft, medical incidents, liability claims, vandalism, accidents, storms and vermin. You may also want to look for a policy that protects any fishing gear you keep on board.
  • Fishing boat insurance: Our fishing boat coverage can help cover not just your boat but also any fishing gear and equipment you may keep or use on your boat. If you plan on entering any fishing competitions, it’s important to speak with Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. to ensure you have the liability coverage potentially needed for such tournaments.
  • Pontoon boat insurance: Pontoon boats are unique because you may need to be covered when you’re away from the water, and these boats have larger decks, meaning you could require more liability coverage if you use your boat for entertaining. Since pontoon boats may be subject to capsizing, you need coverage for this eventuality as well.
  • Houseboat coverage: Your houseboat may be your vacation home, so the right coverage is critical. This type of policy may cover physical damage, liability, medical expense coverage and potential add-ons such as watercraft equipment coverage, repair costs, agreed value and personal effects coverage. You generally can't secure standard houseboat insurance for a houseboat used as a primary residence or commercial property.
  • Sailboat insurance: With sailboat insurance, you may need agreed value coverage, which will ensure that depreciation won't impact what you're paid in the event of a total loss. Sailboat insurance can also include roadside assistance and towing.
  • Charter boat insurance policies: Charter boat insurance is necessary if you use your boat for tours or any business venture on the water. For this type of policy, look for robust liability protection in case a guest is injured as well as strong physical damage protection to protect your livelihood.
  • Jon boat coverage: Even if you have a small, non-powered Jon boat, getting insurance is important. Liability coverage is essential in case anyone files a legal claim against you alleging that your boat caused damages.


Some of the most frequently asked questions about boat insurance — along with their answers — follow.

How Much Is Boat Insurance Per Year?

A number of factors can impact how much your premiums cost. Your history, boat and other insurance can impact the cost. Different boat insurance companies also charge different rates.

What Is the Average Cost of Boat Insurance?

There is no average, since the costs can vary depending on your provider, the type of boat you have and other factors. Some boat owners may pay under a hundred dollars or a few hundred dollars a year. Other boat owners may pay $1,000 or thousands of dollars a year. To understand how much you may have to pay, reach out to Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. for personalized answers.

Do You Need to Have Insurance on a Boat?

The state of Pennsylvania does not require insurance for a boat, but you may still need coverage. If you want to finance your boat, for example, you'll find that most lenders require insurance before agreeing to a loan. Many marinas and facilities where you store your boat may need a policy to be in place, and most tournaments and fishing competitions require at least some liability coverage.

Even if you don’t legally need insurance, consider the implications of having your boat uncovered. If your boat is vandalized or damaged in any way, you'll need to pay for repairs or replacement yourself. In a situation where someone slips and falls or otherwise injures themselves when visiting your boat, you could be liable for the medical costs. What's more, any personal property you have on the boat may not be protected unless you have a policy.

Are Boats Covered Under Homeowners’ Insurance?

One of the most common questions we're asked is, “Does homeowners insurance cover boats?” The answer is, “a little.” Many homeowner policies cover limited amounts of damage to a boat, and in many cases may cover your boat only while it's on your property. In addition, you'll pay deductibles, and the amount you can recover will be limited, so you'll likely not be able to recover the full value of repairs or replacement.

Personal property you keep inside your boat may be covered under a homeowners insurance policy, but many things won't be. More worryingly, you may not be covered for liability if someone is injured on your boat. If you own a boat in Dauphin or anywhere in the Pennsylvania area, you should have a solid insurance policy in place to protect your investment and your finances.

Does Boat Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

Most policies do cover physical damage from theft and storms. However, you'll want to review your policy closely to understand exactly what's covered.

Does Boat Insurance Cover the Motor?

Boat policies can cover the motor and other parts of the boat.

I'm Restoring My Boat. What Type of Coverage Should I Have?

You'll generally need boat restoration insurance, which may cover you for damages caused by fire, theft, boat transportation and vandalism during the restoration process. This type of policy may cover you whether you're doing the restoration yourself or taking the boat to a facility to be restored by other professionals.


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