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Many people love the idea of heading out on the open road in an RV to see America's sights without having to worry about booking hotel rooms. There are about¬†nine million¬†recreational vehicles in the United States, and the RV industry is a $50 billion ‚ÄĒ and growing ‚ÄĒ industry. In addition, about one million Americans choose to live in an RV full-time. If you're considering purchasing a recreational vehicle for travel or for full-time occupancy, Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. can help.


When you need an RV insurance policy, your policy type will depend largely on the type of recreational vehicle you have and how you plan to use it. Different vehicles come with various risks and insurance needs. Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. offers a variety of coverage options for recreational vehicle enthusiasts in the central PA region. From our offices in New Bloomfield, our agency is pleased to help clients in Perry, Cumberland and Dauphin counties and beyond.

Do I Need RV Insurance?

In some cases, your car insurance may cover some insurance for your smaller trailer. However, if your RV is financed, leased or a larger model, you are required to have insurance. You must have insurance on your vehicle in some fashion, so if you do not have a separate RV policy, you must be able to show your car insurance covers your RV.

Even if your recreational vehicle is covered by a car policy, you may need a separate policy in any case. RVs may be at risk of issues that are not covered by your car insurance. In addition, the minimums on car insurance policies may not cover all your possible losses. Since you tend to carry more personal property in a trailer, for example, you may want a more robust policy to cover theft and damage.

Motorhome Insurance Coverage

Larger recreational vehicles with their own motors range from very large Class A RVs to smaller Class C minis. These vehicles typically represent a considerable investment. RV auto insurance that covers mechanical breakdowns and accident damage is a necessity, but you'll also want to consider covering interior systems, including plumbing and electricity, plus any interior damage that may occur to fixtures and finishes.

These vehicles are most likely to be used as retirement or full-time properties. In that event, you need robust full-timer RV insurance to protect your vehicle as a home. Your policy may include flood protection, liability protection and more. It can also include stationary coverage, which offers liability, medical payment, property damage coverage and additional protections. In case your camper is entirely destroyed, full-time coverage ensures you have a place to stay and can get a replacement home.

Fifth Wheel RV Insurance

Also known as 5th wheel RVs, these are the largest of the towable recreational vehicles. They contain all the comforts of home and larger living spaces while offering the convenience of being able to head on the road with your pickup truck, too.

5th wheel RV insurance provides coverage that your auto and homeowner policies may not address in case you have an accident or another incident. An RV policy can also protect your investment should an event occur while you're visiting a campsite or when you are parked or on the road. That includes a collision or if your trailer comes loose.

Travel Trailer Insurance

Travel trailers are one of the more popular RVs on the road because they offer plenty of living space and easy, hitch-enabled towing. Travel trailer insurance protects you on the road and when you are parked and camping. It can cover everything from collision to fires inside the trailer, vandalism and windstorm damage.

We can personalize travel trailer insurance coverage to include total loss replacement if your trailer is destroyed. Liability coverage for campsites can protect you when you are parked and emergency expense coverage can pay for hotels or transport back home if needed. If you plan on using your trailer as a residence, you may need full-timer coverage. That can include roadside assistance as well as coverage for any personal property inside the trailer.

Fold-Down and Truck Camper Insurance

Fold-downs are also known as camper trailers, tent trailers or pop-up trailers. Their small size and easy towing capability make them compatible with many vehicle classes, not just larger trucks. At a campsite, they can fold out into a larger living space.

Insurance for a camper trailer includes direct physical damage to your camper from vandalism, fire, storms, accidents and other covered incidents. It also protects you in case someone is injured when visiting your trailer, including medical bills. Insurance on a pop-up camper also covers installed accessories, such as antennas and awnings. This is especially important since pop-up trailers are more likely to sustain damage than motor homes. Pop-up camper insurance coverage may protect you from theft, animal damage, landslides, flooding, storms, fire, trees and more.

Truck campers fit over the bed of a pickup truck and are flexible enough to go virtually everywhere a pickup truck can go. Because you may use your truck camper more frequently, you'll want the same robust coverage that protects your investment from accident, vandalism or weather-related damage.

How Much Is RV Insurance?

The cost of truck camper insurance will depend on many factors, including the type of recreational vehicle you have, your age and driving record, and how you will be using your trailer and other factors. In general, insurance can cost from hundreds of dollars per year to a few thousand or more. Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you choose the coverage that best meets your coverage and budget needs.


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