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As a business owner, you probably have a high liability risk — for instance, if a customer slips and falls in your establishment and suffers a severe injury, a subsequent lawsuit could wipe out your assets and force you to close your doors. And think of what would happen if a fire or severe storm caused extensive damage to your property. It could cost you thousands of dollars to rebuild, and the interruption in business until you were able to get up and running again could have devastating financial consequences.

These possibilities are just a few of the many reasons business owners should carry a customized, comprehensive commercial business insurance plan. Commercial insurance will provide coverage for a wide variety of perils and mishaps that might otherwise result in significant financial losses. The right insurance protection will keep a business afloat when the unexpected occurs. It also gives business owners the peace of mind of knowing that they'll be able to keep going even in the wake of a catastrophic event.

Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. Can Deliver the Right Insurance Coverage for PA Businesses

As a family-owned-and-operated insurance agency based in New Bloomfield, PA, Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. has been a trusted provider of insurance solutions since 1955. If you're looking for high-quality, affordable commercial insurance in the Harrisburg area or Perry County, we can design a program that fits your company's unique requirements.

Options You Need

We can help you come up with custom solutions with your insurance based on our years of experience protecting businesses in the Perry County, PA We mainly carry Erie, Millville and Juniata Mutual Insurance, and we are experts at finding the right price, coverage and carrier for you! Check out our main offerings below, or contact us today for more information:

  • Commercial auto: Whether your business operates one vehicle or an entire fleet, you'll need a commercial auto policy. Business auto insurance will pay for property damage and bodily injury that you or your drivers may cause in an accident. It can also cover the cost of repairing or replacing your business vehicles and provide medical benefits. You can purchase commercial auto protection separately or combine it with a general liability plan.
  • Business package policies: Business package policies consist of several different coverage types to provide comprehensive asset protection for a business owner. They typically safeguard the facility, equipment, machinery and other physical assets against perils such as theft, fire and vandalism. They also include liability coverage to protect against lawsuits. Many business owners choose to "bundle" a BPP with a commercial auto policy to obtain a premium discount.
  • General liability: Businesses often become the target of lawsuits — injured parties and their attorneys will attempt to prove that your company's negligence caused an accident or mishap, and if they're successful, it could wipe out your business. General liability insurance can pay for the cost of damages awarded in a court of law or via an injury settlement. It will also cover attorney's fees and other related legal expenses.


We Have You Covered

Don't see what you are looking for here? With the wide selection of Pennsylvania insurance companies that we represent, we can easily find what you need. You can count on Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. to get you covered for a price you want.

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