Landlords Insurance in PA

Serving as a landlord comes with a host of benefits, but there’s also risk and liability to think about when you own or manage property. It's important to have a good source of landlords insurance coverage.


Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. is your best source for a landlords insurance policy in Perry County and throughout Pennsylvania. We can craft insurance policies that we respond to your unique needs and fit into your budget — so you get the protections you need while enjoying the peace of mind you deserve. Continue reading to learn more about our landlords insurance in Pennsylvania, and contact us to learn more about your options.

The Value of Landlords Insurance Coverage

Owning and managing property puts you at risk. If something happens to your tenants, or if something happens to someone on the premises, you could be held liable for injury or harm to others. That’s where a landlords insurance policy comes in. When you choose the right policy, you can secure protections against liability in the cases of injury or harm to others, plus a range of other situations that might arise.

At Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc., we have a wealth of experience in crafting and providing landlords insurance coverage. We can help you secure the right levels of protection for the property or portfolio of properties you own or manage. Our experience is invaluable in creating the right policy to meet your specific needs.

The Benefits and Cost of a Landlords Insurance Policy

When you secure the right level of landlords insurance coverage, you enjoy a number of benefits. First, you’re able to operate your business or portfolio without fear or worry. Also, you can define the levels of protection you need and that fit into your budget. This way, your policy is something to be valued rather than a monthly expense or ongoing burden. And, best of all, if something happens at your property or to your tenants and their visitors, you’re fully protected. You can respond to the needs of your tenants and your properties without worrying about the associated risk or costs.

We always recommend your tenants get renter's insurance, as well as you ensure your property generates "rental income." Even after taking these precautions, the cost of landlord insurance in Pennsylvania varies depending on your needs. At Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc., we create custom policies with custom levels of protection that are designed to match your requirements while also fitting into your budget. It all starts with a conversation. We spend time getting to know your needs so that we can create a landlords insurance policy that responds to them.


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Reisinger Insurance Agency, Inc. has a long history of serving landlords in Perry County and throughout Pennsylvania. No matter your life or business circumstances, we can provide the protection that you need against risk and liability. Are you ready to secure the coverage you need from a trusted source of landlords insurance in Pennsylvania? If so, we’re ready to help.

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