Perry County Insurance Agency

If you're looking for a dependable and trustworthy insurance agency in Perry County, Reisinger Insurance Agency Inc. is right in your backyard.

Located in New Bloomfield, we've provided all kinds of insurance services for residents since 1955. As a family-owned and operated company, we're focused on offering a level of intimacy and personalization other agencies struggle to match.

Insurance is a complicated but necessary aspect of life, and we're committed to making the process a little easy for you. In addition to New Bloomfield, we can also help clients in Duncannon, Newport, Millerstown, Millersburg, Marysville, Landisburg, Blain, Liverpool and New Buffalo. We also serve the entirety of Cumberland and Dauphin counties.

We primarily carry Erie Insurance Agency for Perry County residents, but we have other options if necessary.

Auto Insurance for Perry County Drivers

Not only is insurance for your car a wise investment to protect against total loss and other issues, but the law also requires it. In Pennsylvania, driving an uninsured vehicle can result in a hefty fine and a suspension of your driver's license, registration and license plate.

To adequately protect your car and yourself, we have a variety of options available through Erie Insurance. While they make a majority of our policies, we can also assist with Progressive and Geico. We can accommodate residential or commercial clients, making us an ideal Perry County auto insurance agency.

Once we learn more about you — like your driving record, vehicle information and prior insurance provider — we can compare rates and find a good fit.

Erie Insurance offers liability, comprehensive and collision coverage for all types of vehicles, and they can all be personalized to fit your requirements and budget. Popular add-ons include pet coverage, windshield repair, locksmith services and rental car expenses.

If you're a consistent driver and feel comfortable with your long-term situation, Erie offers Rate Lock protection to shield you from fluctuating prices other companies are notorious for. The rates become vulnerable to alteration only if you add or remove a car or driver, or change your address.

With the Safe Driver Discount and a slew of other deals, your car insurance can become tremendously affordable.

Home Insurance for Perry County Residents

Houses are the most significant investments that most people will likely commit to in their lifetimes, so you'll want to keep your home protected in as many ways as possible. While it might not be legally required, mortgage lenders often stipulate that they won't fund your purchase without insurance.

Erie Insurance offers a wide array of coverage options to suit your needs. Do you own a waterfront property near the Susquehanna River or a lake? We can set up flood insurance to protect you from any surges or flooding. Want to protect from a fire? We can accommodate that, as well.

Structural coverage is essential and often the most popular form of insurance, but two other types are important in their own right: personal property coverage and liability coverage.

Property coverage protects your possessions from damage, theft and loss, while liability coverage for homes operates similarly to its car counterpart. It will keep help you out if someone injures themselves at your house — like on a slippery driveway — or if you damage someone else's property.

Coverage of residential properties extends to rentals, condos, and mobile homes. Count on Reisinger Insurance Agency Inc., the best homeowners insurance agency in Perry County.

Life Insurance Agent in Perry County

If you're looking at Perry County life insurance policies, we can help with that, as well, through Erie Family Life.

Raising a family is often a cherished experience, but you also need to consider the grimmer aspects of life. Accidents do happen, and they can, unfortunately, be severe enough to disrupt the flow of your life. If tragedy strikes, a life insurance policy will keep the rest of your family protected to a degree, as it can help with funeral costs, unpaid medical bills, outstanding debt and college loan protection.

Not only does it help with those immediate issues, but we can also assist with planning for the future, as Erie Family Life has many retirement and estate planning options.

Best Rates, Best Coverage, Best Service

We don't consider any request to be too far-fetched, as we're committed to offering you the best results for your money. Contact us today to speak with a representative, and we can arrange a future consultation with you. You can also file for a free quote on our website.

It's always best to consult your local insurance agent for the most up-to-date policy and coverage options to fit your needs.


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